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Professional Negligence and Indemnity

Professional negligence is a specialist area of law and can be highly technical.  If a professional practitioner has failed you in providing an appropriate service, you may have a claim against that professional for the loss (financial or otherwise) that you have suffered as a consequence of the inadequate service provided.

Professional negligence is a specialist topic and not an area of general practice for many legal practitioners.  This has the effect of reducing the number of advocates who are sufficiently aware of the issues involved to enable them to undertake professional negligence work effectively.

AFR understands the range of circumstances in which professional negligence claims can arise.  We have that expertise which is reflected in the increasing number of professional negligence cases on which we are instructed and the success we achieve in those cases.

Professional negligence is an area which can involve claims against:

  • The legal profession
  • Accountants
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • IT professionals
  • Financial advisers
  • Other such professional advisors.

AFR has the necessary levels of experience, expertise and resources to provide advice, assistance and representation to clients who believe that they have a claim against a professional.