AFR Advocates

Community work

AFR is a local firm, committed to assisting and enhancing the local community where possible.

The firm, and members of the firm, are very active in supporting local charities and fund raising initiatives for worthy causes in the Bailiwick and beyond.

For example, AFR has supported the "Friends of Sigma Wood" scheme through the local Men of the Trees charity.  In conjunction with local businesses, for every £25 participants spent on stationery over a period of three months, 1 tree point was earned, 16 points buying and maintaining a tree.  The Sigma Wood is to be planted with 500 trees such as oak, ash, chestnut and lime, on a reclaimed area which was formerly a quarry.  AFR has been delighted to support this community focused initiative.

As far as possible AFR operates in an environmentally and socially responsible way.  We endeavour to minimise our use of materials, actively encouraging a “reduce, re-use, re-cycle” policy throughout the firm.

AFR will continue to:

  • promote the advancement of and participation in community and charitable projects
  • adopt responsible business practices
  • look at ways to enhance our corporate responsibility.